Hello from Dayboro

We humans are ritual beings, and therefore, have a need to celebrate key events in our lives.

My name is Graham Jacob, I'm a Religious Marriage Celebrant and I can help you and your family celebrate these special events.
I'm based in Dayboro but but will travel to other areas on request.

Although my official title is Religious Marriage Celebrant, please be aware that I am not a Minister of Religion nor do I as a Celebrant, actively promote the inclusion of any religious content in any ceremony I conduct. Because I hold the religious belief that marriage should be between a man and a woman, as an Authorised Celebrant, I am required by Law to publicly declare my position. What this also means is I can "legally" decline to marry a same sex couple because this would be inconsistent with my beliefs. This does not however mean that I do not recognise or respect that couples right to legally marry.
So, when you ask me to be your Celebrant, you can expect friendly, personal and professional service. I will also help you create a ceremony that reflects what you want to say to each other, your family and friends. 

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